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Desi Jodi takes every minute detail in high regards, and would ask you to read on to know more about our strict terms and conditions, making our site the safest matrimonial match online.

  • Desi Jodi would not and is not responsible for lack of matrimonial matches
  • Desi Jodi provides no refunds or money back guarantees on any of its services, vendors included
  • Desi Jodi takes no responsibility on individual matters prior to the wedding and thereafter
  • Desi Jodi does not perform background checks or personal checks for the client
  • Every registered member on Desi Jodi is of age 22 and above
  • Only with the permission of the client, would personal contact details, email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses and status quo of the candidate would be shared, not otherwise.
  • Desi Jodi has no responsibility over the vendors associated with the portal, their offers, services and products. Personal checks on behalf of the client on the vendors status quo is not the responsibility of Desi Jodi
  • It is agreed by you to use the site as per the terms and conditions mentioned and set forth on Desi Jodi
  • Client requirements would be honoured, and specifications for the matches would be taken into high esteem, sans the guarantee on the number of introductions made
  • Post the introduction, it is left to the client to contact one another, through any form they deem fit, Desi Jodi wouldn’t involve itself in the process or wouldn’t take responsibility for the same
It is important to keep goodwill in the community, and marriages especially are a life-long commitment of trust, honor and respect for two individuals and their families.