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Welcome to Desi Jodi, they say marriages are made in heaven, an old adage, but we are the messiahs that bring two souls together, along with their families. Desi Jodi aims at providing unique, customized and individualized solutions, and we invite you to feel free on using the services of this esteemed website. is a website which is owned and operated by an esteemed team of matrimonial service experts. Hereby we would present to our esteemed clients the important statements on privacy policy, created by our team and published online. This is important to have, so that clients with us feel safe, secure and connected, especially when they provide personal, financial and private information, as per the terms and conditions mentioned on Desi Jodi

  • Upon registration with Desi Jodi, members would assumingly use the services of the site with respect to the terms and conditions as laid down by the management of the portal. Mandatory information is a must to provide, the confidentiality for the same would be solely the responsibility of the user, especially with the maintenance of the “user name and password” to Desi Jodi. Clients are advised not to provide the user name and password of the site to anyone at any given point of time, and if done so, it would be at their own sole risk and responsibility.
  • All transactions, communication, transmissions etc, by Desi Jodi to the client and vice-versa, would be confidential and private. Emails and calls at the mentioned contact details provided by the clients would be used, and nothing else, unless the client decides to update information at a later stage.
  • While making financial transactions online, using of financial instruments such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, PayPal etc, all of which would be solely the responsibility of the client. Any negligence on the clients end wouldn’t be the burden of Desi Jodi, unless the website is down and technical errors happen.
  • There are vendors, service partners and links to third parties for wedding services on Desi Jodi. Clients are free to contact them; however, background checks for the same would be the sole responsibility of the clients, and not of Desi Jodi, which includes providing personal, financial and private information as well.
  • IP address of the clients would be recorded for safety and maintenance reasons, and wouldn’t be disclosed to third parties or vendors at any cost. Banners, targeted ads and vendor services on Desi Jodi may ask you for private details, which are up to you to provide and Desi Jodi wouldn’t have a role to play and wouldn’t take responsibility for the same.
  • Desi Jodi doesn’t share or rent, trade or provide clients personal, private and financial information to third parties, brokers, agents, or lead generators online.
Please remember to go through our terms and conditions on Desi Jodi for a better understanding on how the portal works and what services it can offer. At no cost would Desi Jodi ever take up responsibility for any untoward incident, should the client have unforeseen situations with any of the vendor services on the portal displayed. Accuracy and privacy of information to you and from you will be our utmost concern. For more information please get in touch with us at